Тест на знание лексики делового английского языка
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Тест на деловой английский

Welcome to your Тест по деловому английскому

___ is Mr. Robson.

Jenna is a programmer. She works in ___ industry.

Alex works ___ an airline.

The delivery is ___ : you don’t have to pay.

I’d like to ___ an order.

Never be late for a ___ interview.

She has been working in marketing for more than 10 years, so she is very ___.

I have ___ a meeting at 10.30 today.

The prices are very ___.

There is a ___ choice of products in our supermarkets.

A manager has to ___ important decisions.

The “blue collars” are usually paid every Friday; they get their ___.

Can you ___ me a taxi?

It’s very important for a freelancer to meet ___.

Our company ___ more than 100 people.

My job ___ dealing with customers.

A supply ___ is the way of a product form a manufacturer to a customer.

Peter was ___ for the next interview.

Here is your job ___.

A ___ is someone who sells big volumes of a product either to a small shop or directly to a customer.

The ___ market of this product is young adults with no children, just starting their career.

I like my job: it’s very ___ - you work hard, but then get good bonuses.

The event held last week got a lot of ___.

“What additional ___ do you have?”

Our in-house design team assesses the proposed area of development to give the best ___ of goods in the shop.

During high season some of our employees have to work ___.

Our new ___ system ensures a rise in sales.

Michigan woods is a supplier of ___ materials to Michigan Furniture Inc.

The equipment at that factory is rather ___; it needs replacement.

___ are people who invest into a company and partly own it.

This company has 16 ____ all over the world.

Please return the ___ unit to us in its original packaging.

If you are ___, your colleagues can always rely on you.

“___ you have any questions, do not hesitate to address us.”

“I’m not 100% ___; I have some doubts”.

Sometimes employers offer ___ schemes: trips, excursions, social events to their employees.

A secretary makes sure the office has enough ___.

A person who works with the most important clients is called Key ___ Manager.

Not very clear and understandable policy of a company may lead to the loss of ___.

“We cannot afford so many workers in the office; we need to ___ some work.”

“Do you have any type of ___ to secure your loan?”

People who give you money without any interest are called ___.

Each retail outlet store has a ___.

Your first profit (before taxes, salaries, etc.) is called ___ profit.

In the time of crisis you can either increase the prices of your product or, if you don’t want to distract clients, ___ the cost.