Подробный тест на определение уровня английского языка

Подробный тест на определение уровня английского языка

Подробный тест на определение уровня английского языка состоит из 100 вопросов и займет около часа (следите за таймером в правой части экрана). Этот тест дает более точный результат по сравнению с быстрым тестом и рассчитан на более высокий уровень владения языком. На каждый вопрос есть только один вариант ответа. Результат вы получите сразу после прохождения.

Онлайн-тест абсолютно бесплатный и не обязывает вас указывать контактные данные. Тем не менее, вы можете оставить свой email, чтобы получать информацию о спецпредложениях для подписчиков и интересную образовательную рассылку (не чаще 2 раз в месяц, можно отписаться в любое время). Оставляя заявку, вы соглашаетесь с правилами обработки данных.

Good luck!

Как вас зовут?
Номер телефона
1. Water _____ at a temperature of 100° C.
2. In several northern countries _____ dark all the time in winter.
3. In southern countries people often wear light clothes _____ cool.
4. In Spain they have _____ weather all year long.
5. Most countries that are situated in the northern hemisphere are _____ in November than in April.
6. Parts of Egypt don't have _____ rain for long periods.
7. In the Arctic and the Antarctic _____ a lot of snow.
8. Climate is really important in _____ people's lives.
9. Even now there is _____ we can do to control the weather.
10. In the future we _____ to get a lot of power from natural sources like the sun, the wind, and the tide.
11. For many people the name Pelé still means _____ famous footballer in the world.
12. Pelé _____ born in 1940.
13. His mother _____ him to become a footballer.
14. But his father _____ practise every day.
15. By the time he was 16 he _____ the Brazilian club, "Santos", and had scored in his first game.
16. In 1957 he _____ for the Brazilian national team.
17. The next World Cup Finals were next year and Pelé was looking forward _____ .
18. And _____ he was injured he helped his country to win the game.
19. Pelé was _____ great player that he helped Brazil win three World Cups.
20. He didn't stop _____ for "Santos" till he was 34.
21. After calling a day in 1974, he came _____ retirement and played for "New York Cosmos".
22. _____ the end of his career he had scored over a thousand goals.
23. He then settled for a role _____ a sporting ambassador for Brazil.
24. By the end of the 20th Century he had received a great _____ of awards.
25. Though honored with a title "Athlete of the Century", he will always be remembered first of all _____ .

Четверть теста уже пройдена!

Прочитайте текст, представленный ниже, и заполните пробелы. Не забывайте, что выбор той или иной грамматической формы зависит от контекста. Прежде чем выбрать вариант ответа, внимательно изучите соседние предложения.
Football, or soccer as it is sometimes called, _____ played ...
... for _____ 150 years, but the first World Cup competition ...
... _____ held until 1930,
... when Uruguay _____ the first professional final.
Four teams had entered from Europe, but with  _____ success.
The 1934 World Cup was again won by _____ home team,
... Italy, _____ went on to win the 1938 final as well.
Winning successive final is something that _____ achieved again...
... until Brazil managed _____ in 1958 and 1962.
If Brazil _____ again in 1966 then the FIFA authorities...
... would have needed to _____ the original World Cup replaced.
However, England stopped the Brazilians _____ a third successive win.
In the 1970s the honours were shared _____ Europe and South America.
Argentina succeeded _____ in 1978, but in 1982, in Spain,
... they had _____ getting beyond the early stages.
They won again in Mexico in 1986, _____ Maradonna...
... managed to win _____ of the games,
especially the one against England, almost _____ .
The 1990s finals were dominated by European teams _____ from Brazil’s win in the USA in 1994,
... with the 1998 finals in France again _____ won by the hosts.
Throughout the 1990s police in the host countries _____ kept busy keeping rival fans apart,
... but  _____ to be no such problems when the first World Cup Finals...
... of the 21st century took _____ in Japan and South Korea in 2002.

Вы ответили на половину вопросов – так держать!

Football’s third century _____ success for a number of footballing nations...
... in Africa and Alaska, who _____ prove to to be the teams of the future.
51. Millions of _____ around the world now use the Internet almost every day.
52. The majority of children in the UK _____ access to a PC.
53. Learning to use the Internet is not the same _____ learning traditional skills.
54. Most of us starts off with email, _____ is fairly easy to use.
55. Children generally find using computers easy, but some adults can't get used _____ with them.
56. There aren't _____ shortcuts to becoming proficient – everyone needs training and practice.
57. Those who do best are those who also use computers a lot _____.
58. It's no use _____ to become an expert just by reading books.
59. There are many who wish they _____ learning earlier.
60. A few unsuccessful learners have resigned themselves to never _____ how to use the Internet.
61. Some new users quickly become almost addicted _____ online.
62. Others decide they would just _____ not have anything to do with computers.
63. The trend continues _____ for computers to get smaller and smaller.
64. Some companies already have more laptops _____ desktops.
65. It is thought that we'll have mobile phones as powerful as PC's _____ the end of the decade.
Ниже представлено письмо в ежедневную газету, адресованное автору колонки советов. Выберите правильные ответы, ориентируясь на контекст.
Dear Jane,

I _____ to you because...
... I _____ what to do.
I’m thirty and a teacher at a primary school in Norwich where _____ for the last five years.
When I _____ there for a couple of years,
... one of the older members of staff _____ ,
... and a new teacher _____ appointed to work in the same department as me.
We _____ together with the same classes during her first year...
... and had the _____ up a good professional relationship.
Then, about eighteen months after _____ in Norwich,
... she decided to buy _____ house.
She was tired of _____ in rented accommodation...
... and wanted a place _____ .
At about the same time I  _____ notice...
... by the landlord of the flat _____ in and she asked me...
... if I _____ to live with her.
She _____ me that by the time...
... she _____ the mortgage and...
... and the bills _____...
... wouldn’t be _____ left to live on.
She suggested _____ share the house and the costs.
It seemed like a good idea, so after _____ ...
... all the details _____ needed to be sorted out, we moved into the new house together.
At the end of this month  _____ together for a year and a half.
It’s the first time _____ with anybody before,
... but  _____ what would happen. I’ve fallen in love with her and now she’s been offered another job 200 miles away and is going to move. I don’t know what to do. Please, give me some advice.

Yours in shy desperation,


Не бросайте начатое, вы почти закончили тест!

91. Steve's off to China, _____ ?
92. It'll be a new year before we see him again, _____ ?
93. I believe he's given up smoking, _____ ?
94. I am not the next on the list to go out there, _____ ?
95. No doubt you'd rather he didn't stay abroad too long, _____ ?
96. He's rarely been away for this long before, _____ ?
97. So you think he'll be back before November, _____ ?
98. Nobody's disagreed with the latest proposals, _____ ?
99. We'd better not delay reading this any longer, _____ ?
100. Now's hardly the time to tell me you didn't need a test at all, _____ ?

Поздравляем, вы ответили на все вопросы – время узнать результат!