Бесплатный онлайн-тест на лексику медицинского английского
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Бесплатный онлайн-тест на лексику медицинского английского

Welcome to your Тест по медицинскому английскому

When the patient is fine and can go home from hospital , he is ___.

BMI equals height divided ___ weight squared.

Sweat comes to the surface of the skin through sweat ___.

A surgeon makes a(n) ___ with a scalpel.

Which word is odd?

Mr. Clark ___ to his GP with chest pain.

A special room where patients usually sleep while they are in hospital is called ___.

The person who helps to deliver babies is called a ___.

The nurse who helps surgeons is a ___ nurse.

If you want to rub a part of your body, it is___.

If the patient cannot walk, he is carried on ___.

She was advised to reduce her ___ of sugar.

What is the informal word for 'varicella'?

Which of the following substances is poisonous?

What is the informal word for 'mandible'?

Angina pectoris affects a person’s ___.

A(n) ___ protects you against infectious diseases.

Which of these adjectives does NOT describe pain?

Local anaesthesia ___ a small part of your body.

A(n) ___ makes bowel movements easier.

Which of these is NOT a part of gastrointestinal system?

A calf is a part of your ___.

Mrs. Johnson is suffering ___ rheumatoid arthritis.

An instrument for injections is called a ___.

Which of these is NOT a part of renal system?

If a patient has blepharitis, he has problems with his ___.

Surgeons ___ operations.

The doctor who helps patients with heart problems is a ___.

BHT means ___ head trauma.

If the patient has a cataract, he needs to have his ___ replaced.

A person has ___.

A human’s heart has 4 ___.

If a tumor is not very dangerous for health, it is called ___.

I have ___ a cold from one of my colleagues.

Which word is odd?

When recovering from breaking a leg a patient usually needs ___.

A(n) ___ does not allow you to take medication in certain conditions.

Third molars are commonly called ___.

A special tool used to help a woman to deliver a baby is called ___.

“c/o” means ___.