Тест на модальные глаголы способности и долженствования

Тест на модальные глаголы способности и долженствования (Modal verbs of ability and obligation)

Проверьте, как хорошо вы знаете английские фразовые глаголы to give, to hold, to move и to set! У вас есть 20 минут, чтобы завершить тест (следите за таймером в правой части экрана). На каждый вопрос есть только один вариант ответа. Результат вы получите сразу после прохождения.

Онлайн-тест абсолютно бесплатный и не обязывает вас указывать контактные данные. Тем не менее, вы можете оставить свой email, чтобы получать информацию о спецпредложениях для подписчиков и интересную образовательную рассылку (не чаще 2 раз в месяц, можно отписаться в любое время). Оставляя заявку, вы соглашаетесь с правилами обработки данных.

Good luck!


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My friend understands she should _____ to a better job.
The flowers _____ a nice smell.
Can you _____ a moment! I can’t catch up, you are too fast!
His father _____  his business long time ago.
We have discussed this issue, so it’s high time we _____ .
That shop _____ free candies to all children.
Julia could not _____ her tears. That news was really shocking.
As they _____ for their picnic, it started to rain.
I can’t believe that you _____ me _____ ! I should not have trusted you!
They decided to _____ together before they get married.
I want us to stay friends, I don't _____ anything _____ you.
I told him it was a secret but he still _____ it _____ .
The robbers _____ that rich man’s flat and stole all the jewelry!
The police had _____ roadblocks to prevent the criminals leaving the area.
My mom wants to _____ $100 a week so that she would be able to afford that trip.
Can you please _____ the phone _____ ? I need it now.
The thief _____ himself _____ to the police.
The problems with visa _____ us _____ for more than 2 weeks.
My grandmother is really old. She barely can _____ .
As soon as he arrived this morning, he began to _____ about his dogs and horses.
Would you please _____ my money?
Peter ___ swim very well: he is in the swimming team at school.
If you like detectives, you ___ to read this book.
You ___ smoke here. It’s forbidden.
I ___ wait for Lewis for 2 hours yesterday!
Mary ___ go to the supermarket: she has a lot of food at home.
Patrick ___ help you in the garden on Friday.
I really want to go to Cambridge University, so I ___ get good marks.
Your eye looks really sore; you ___ a doctor!
After the ship sank, Oliver ___ swim 5 kilometers in cold water.
___ use your phone, sir? I really need to make a call.
___ wear school uniform when you were a child?
When you work in an office, you ___ start at 9 o’clock.